HIPAA Password Requirements

HIPAA password requirements

What you need to know to keep yourself compliant.

All health care organizations, covered entities and business associates must comply with HIPAA compliance and it is necessary for them to update, monitor and maintain HIPAA compliance. The very first HIPAA requirement for ePHI storage in computer is the creation and deployment of an effective password structure and program.

HIPAA password requirements are very important and effective part of HIPAA compliance program. Along with a strong privacy, confidentiality and safety program, strong passwords are also very effective when protecting sensitive health data you store.

HIPAA Password Requirements

What are HIPAA Password Requirements?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has set stern national privacy and security standards. These codes and specifications set by HIPAA compliance are very important factors in protecting your agency from data breaches and other HIPAA violation penalties. Each HIPAA specification lay out policy and procedure that covered entities and business associates must have to follow.

HIPAA security rule has set three main categories of data protection:-

Technical: This security standard encompasses the technology that must be in place to protect infrastructure that protect ePHI and control access to it. For Example, HIPAA ask organizations to have anti-virus software, data encryption, and firewalls.

Physical: This security standard address protective measure that covered entities and business associates must have to protect the physical premises of their organization. For example, Covered entities and business associates must have electronic security systems, locks on doors in order to protect the physical records on papers that contain containing protected health information (PHI). It also says that ePHI must also be from unauthorized access.

Administrative: This security standard defines administrative safeguards. It means covered entities and business associates must train and educate their staff about maintaining security and integrity of PHI.

HIPAA password requirements are stated below:-

  1. Organizations must use a security measure like two-factor authentication.
  2. Individual must have both username and password to sign into his account and at the same time he should receive a PIN code on this mobile to login.
  3. Covered entities must have antivirus software installed in the systems where PHI of the person is stored.
  4.  Password creation must have Upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers and special characters on it.
  5. As per HIPAA guidelines, each nurse, doctor, office manager, surgeon, staff member, janitor, etc. should have his or her own password.

This password protection system makes it tough for hackers to get account access and it lowers the risk of security breaches.

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