Top Phishing Prevention Tips – Prevent Phishing Attack


Phishing prevention is said to be an ample set of tools and techniques that can help recognize and neutralize phishing attacks in advance. In this guide, we will discuss top phishing prevention tips and a number of other phishing security measure that focuses on phishing protection while offering helpful techniques that will save user data from breach security.  


Top Phishing Prevention Tips – Prevent Phishing Attack

Think Before You Click

If you are on a trusted website then it is fine for you to click on the links of that website. Though if you click on the links that come across while seeing any random emails and instant messages can be harmful. Always think twice before clicking on any unsure link. Phishing emails or links when clicked may ask you to fill your personal information and that email may not contain your name.  Most of the phishing emails will start with “Dear Customer” and you should keep yourself alert before giving any of your personal data to them.

Install an Anti-Phishing Toolbar

Installing an anti-phishing toolbar can be a great idea of protection against phishing scams. Across many popular internet browsers, you can install them for free and these anti-phishing toolbar will send you a warning notification by quickly checking the websites that you are visiting by comparing them with the list of known phishing sites.

Verify a Site’s Security

Before you start browsing or supplying any sensitive financial information online, you must check the website’s security. You must always check the site’s URL and it should begin with “https” and there should be a closed lock icon near the address bar. Avoid downloading any suspicious emails or files from any emails or websites that you think can harm your details. If you make any purchase from a suspicious website then you may share your credit card details with cybercriminals.

Check Your Online Accounts Regularly

Make a habit to check your online accounts regularly. Always keep changing your passwords after a certain time period. To prevent bank phishing and credit card phishing scams, you should regularly check your statements regularly.  Always try to get a monthly statement of your financial transaction as check if there are no fraudulent transactions.

Keep Your Browser Up to Date

Always keep your internet browser updated. Trusted browsers always keep updating their software to tighten the security loopholes that hackers and cybercriminals inevitably discover and exploit. Whenever you see an update available, download and install it at the same moment.

Above are few phishing prevention tips that will help you enjoy a worry-free online experience.

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